Call us to talk  and try to regain your serenity, peace of mind, equilibrium and stability from “home” or by appointment, depending on your personal needs.  Available every week  for 15-30-45 minute or 1-hour sessions to help and support you.

For information and to make an appointment, call +39 011.57.934.57. Mondays through Fridays.

“Responsible for The Centre”


Authorized to practice Psychology

Pshychologists on the telephone

September 2017.

Also in Skype.

Onesidedly psychodynamical.

Psychologists by Phone

  • Paolo Rovera is registered with the psychologists of the Piedmont Region (registration No. 3437, sect. A)

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Paolo Rovera

Qualified as a Psychologist by the order of the Piedmont region. Listening, psychology, prevention and communication.

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